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Nikkaluokta Kebnekaise Kungsleden

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us via email or phone.

Visit us at Nikkaluokta, the gateway to the Kebnekaise mountain station. It is also a popular entrance to Sweden’s most famous long-distance hiking trail “Kungsleden”, the King’s trail.

Visit us by bus from Kiruna. A new bus service will take you here: NIKKALUOKTAEXPRESSEN

Summer in Nikkaluokta during June & July is characterized by the midnight sun. The sun will never set and you will be rewarded with endless days. It is the season when nature fully awakens and the valleys are covered in arctic plants. In August the nights will return and finally, in September, the mountains explode in inexpressible colors of different golden-yellow and red shades.  The nature north of the Arctic Circle is intense for all your senses.

Tourism in the mountains has a long tradition in our village. We greet you welcome to Nikkaluokta. Nikkaluokta offers you a restaurant, accommodation and boat transport or river safaris in the Vistas valley.

So rent a comfortable cabin, make excursions in the surrounding valleys and mountains. After returning in the evening, enjoy your dinner in the restaurant for recovery.

We look forward to seeing you here!

Anna & Erik Sarri