The snowmobile is essential for us who live here. It can be of great help for you who are heading up the mountains.

The snowmobile transfers you book with us Nikkaluokta Alltransport are also a security factor for you.

Make your reservation by email , call us or make a preliminary booking online                            “Preliminary booking of transportation

Timetable Nikkaluokta – Kebnekaise 29/2 – 21/4 2024

From Nikkaluokta     9,00     12,30     15,00

From Kebnekaise     10,00    14,00     16,00

Duration 50 minutes.

Departure and arrival at the main entrance

Price 475kr /person (minimum 2 tickets)

Children 8-15 year price 350kr

Pulka 250kr Dog 100kr

Snowskotertour other times to Kebnekaise 850kr/ person (minimi 2 persons)

Please get updated information from the reception at Nikkaluokta or Kebekaise

Reservate a transfer by email, call us or make a preliminary booking online: “Preliminary booking of transportation” Your ticket is paid at our reception desk.

Please note! Tours can be canceled due to extremely bad weather conditions.

Snowmobile transport to mountain cabins

Nikkaluokta Alltransport takes people & goods to the STF cabins in our area.

You can book transport to  cabins as “Lisas stuga” the STF-cabins in Singi, Sälka & Kaitum and Vistas (we will drop you off 6 km before the Vistasstugan).

Contact our reception desk for more information

Your luggage and skis are no problem in our large sleds. You will be sitting on a cushion with a warm blanket around you. These longer tours have to be booked in advance and we always try to coordinate them with other tours.

Tours may be canceled or change departure time due to extremely bad weather.

You can give call us or make a preliminary booking online: “Preliminary booking of transportation


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