Sámi cuisine

Sámi cuisine in the heart of Sápmi

The Sámi food culture is very old and distinct. We care for the traditional cooking methods and traditional recipes and make a modern version.

Here are some of our classical Sámi dishes

Láibbi – a white bread, made to be tough so it won’t crumble in your back pack.

Guoike bierggu – salted, smoked and dried reindeer meat carved and eaten with the knife.

Suovas – salted and smoked reindeer meat, quickly fried before served.

Renkok – reindeer meat cooked with blood and marrows.

We are deeply involved in a project to revive and preserve Sámi cuisine. We are all for high quality products from reindeer, wild meat etc. and support Sámi producers that commit to quality and traditions.

Taste Sápmi!

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