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The Weather in Nikkaluokta

“Everybody talks about the weather but nobody does anything about it!”

Nikkaluokta is strongly associated with reliable weather forecasts.
Thanks to SMHI’s weather reporting it appears in the daily weather report since the 1950s.

Since then numerous record-low temperatures were observed in Nikkaluokta!

Unfortunately we cannot influence the weather. But you can always check the forecasts or use the webcam to get a life impression of the current weather in the mountains.

Forcast provided by:

Meteorologiskt Institutt

Vägverket and Kiruna provide images from the Vistas valley at the entrance to Nikkaluokta and the view west from Kiruna City Hall towards Luossajärvi and the mountains:


View from Kiruna to the west towards Luossajärvi and with mountains

Kebnekaise Mountain Station

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