Snowmobiles at Nikkaluokta

You can go on day tours by snowmobile with Nikkaluokta as your base.

You can drive on snowmobile up to the Kebnekaise mountain station and further out towards Singi.
The area north of us, however, is a part of the Kebnekasie restricted area where snowmobiles may only drive with a special permission.

There is also a snowmobile trail east by the great lakes to Tjuonajokk, Abisko and Kiruna. Every year we get visitors on long distance snowmobile tours with many Swedish miles per day on their journey.

During late winter, in some areas to the west special care has to be taken at times. This time of the year the reindeer herds with females carrying unborn calves may graze here. Then utmost consideration and respect for these reindeer is required from those riding a snowmobile in the area. The reindeer must not be disturbed.

Otherwise, the general rules for snowmobiling apply and skiers and wildlife have to be respected. Also, please do not leave litter in the countryside.

Unfortunately, we do not have a gas station nor skoterrental in Nikkaluokta.

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