These are some of the most common customer questions:

What can you do in Nikkaluokta in summer?
During summer you can do short or long hikes along marked trails or your own off road trekking. Walk up the highest hill in the village and visit the chapel. Enjoy a boat ride and guided river safari along the river and valley Vista. Paddle canoe along the river. Fly helicopter, ride Icelandic horses, test a Sámi fiesta. Try your skill in lassoing.

What can you do in Nikkaluokta in the winter time?
There are short and long snow mobile tracks to follow on skis or snow mobile. You can take a snow mobile transport to Kebnekaise Mountain Station which leaves several times a day. Restaurant Skáidi serves local dishes. The scenic route here is an experience in itself. But watch out for moose they are numerous in the winter time.

Can I buy a ticket for skotertransfer to Nikkaluokta & Kebnekaise station ?    Three departures daily  fr Nikka 9.00  12.30 &17.00 and fr Keb 10.00  14.00   18.00

Is it possible to buy a boat transport up the Vistas Valley?
During the summer we have daily transport from Nikkaluokta to Lower Vistas (7km) and Upper Vistas (12km). You must book in advance. Contact reception for booking

How far is it to Kebnekaise Mountain Station?
It is 19 km. In the summer you can save yourself 6 km walking by taking a boat transport across Lake Laddjujávri.

Is there a boat across Laddjujávri?
Boats on a daily schedule during summer season. For more information contact:
+46 (0)980 – 550 35 Laddjujávri Båttrafik www.enoks.se

How far is it to Laddjujávri?
It is 5, 6 km and takes approximately 1 – 1 1/2 hours to walk there. It takes about an hour on skis.

Can we park the car when we are going for a mountain tour?
Long term parking has a fee. Please inform the reception of your registration number at arrival.

Can we shower at Nikkaluokta?
In the service building there is a shower . You pay at the reception to get access to the service building.

Is it possible to camp in tent at Nikkaluokta?
Yes. In the price access to the service building with shower, WC, sauna and kitchen is included.

Is it possible to fly by helicopter to Kebnekaise Mountain Station?
From midsummer until September there is a daily flight schedule for Kebnekaise mountain station. Contact: Kallax Flyg +46 (0) 980-81000 or check on www.kallaxflyg.se

Can we deposit bags at your place?
We rent out deposit boxes.

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