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nikkaluokta-mountains-summerHiking – day tours around Nikkaluokta

Around Nikkaluokta you will find several interesting and picturesque places, which can be explored in day tours. Here are our best proposals:




Sweden’s highest mountain is one of our closest neighbors. Start from Nikkaluokta as your base and become a mountaineer. After a day’s walk of 19 km you will reach the STF Kebnekaise Mountain Station. Do not worry, you can shorten that walk by boat transfer at lake Ladtjojavri.

Next day starting from the Mountain Station, you may climb the summit either on your own or with an experienced guide. One of the most beautiful views of the North awaits you.




Nikkaluokta serves as one of the entry points to Sweden’s most famous long-distance hiking trails “Kungsleden”, the King’s trail. Along the trail you will find cozy cabins, some of them even with small shops to buy food. You may find more information here:




The streams and lakes around Nikkaluokta offer beautiful fishing, with clear water and excitement.



vistas1Canoe trips

The wide and branched delta of the river in the valley Vistasvaggi is a paradise for canoeists. Rent a canoe and and start exploring. With a bit of luck you will observe the wild animals, for example the moose known to roam this valley.



vistasdalen-batRiver safari in Vistasvaggi

You prefer to explore Vistasvaggi by boat and with an experienced guide? Book a guided river safari and learn more about this very special area, its wild animals, its vegetation. Combine the boat tour with hiking back to Nikkaluokta along the path.


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