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A longer tour on skis in the Swedish Mountains is something to remember your whole life.

Open, white landscapes, endless silence and magnificent peaks will please the heart of the nature lover.

The long-distance trail Kungsleden is popular for ski tours.

The STF cabins along the trail usually open at the end of February and offer simple but cozy accommodation.

Singi  Sälka Nallu Vistas  Tjäktja Allesjaure Abiskojaure and souther dintances as Kaitum Vakkotavare Ritsem

Distances between cabins are short enough even for less-trained skiers. The next cabin along the trail is always in comfortable reach.

The route from Nikkaluokta to Abisko has an overall distance of 110 kilometers.

The route from Nikkaluokta to Saltoluokta have a distance of 100 kilometer


When planning your tour, make sure you have one or two extra days in case of a change of weather.


If you see reindeers or other animals on your visit in the mountains –  just give them all space to pass – because it is their grazingland you are a vistitor in.

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